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Our Asset ID Tags and Identification Products are made of High-quality Materials to Provide You With Exceptional Products That Best Suits Your Needs.

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Reasons Behind Why Foison Metal is the Best Product of Choice

The majority of companies today label their tools and equipment because of the many benefits of this practice. Tagging your assets offers you to generate actionable data, stay operationally nimble, and even store information on the cloud! We want you to easily access your database right within your system. 

Additionally, our extremely durable Department of Defense labels are fully compliant with U.S. military standards. We provide steel, aluminum, polyimide, and polyester labeling solutions for every application. Foison Metal Ltd`s high-quality, durable asset labels are ideal for ensuring your capital equipment and other assets are properly tracked and inventoried throughout their useful lives.

About Our Service


An easily accessible database right within your system and it is time savings as a result of label scans.

User Friendly

Increased chances of compliance with regulatory bodies and ability to calculate depreciation with readily available utilization data.


A relatively inexpensive material when lifetime cost is examined. Low maintenance expenditures in the form of repair and replacement costs.


We have a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Your logo can be customized, our graphic customization and emblem have a minimum of 500 pieces.


Our metal tags come in 3M adhesives, magnetic bags that are easy to relocate. It can enable cutting holes, and its serial number is in the form of Bar code, QR code, or serial number.

Physical Existence​

Our asset tags are treated with sandblasting and it has a mirror effect of stainless steel that gives an attractive gaze.


Our asset id tags thickness varies from 0.3 mm to 3.00 mm, and it mostly comes in black and gold colors. It can also be customized based on your preferences.

Product Quality

 Our asset tags are made using our most popular material anodized aluminum. Its logo and printing process is mostly laser engraving.

Our Featured Products

At Foison Metal, We Manufacture Custom Asset Tags and Labels to Your Exact Specifications and Requirements

Asset ID Tags

Serial Numbered Asset ID Tag

Our durable asset labels, paired with barcode scanners and inventory management software, are the ideal solution for a robust asset management program

Asset ID Tags

Metal Asset ID Tags

Computers, monitors, furniture, machine components, tools, etc. Must be properly tracked and accounted for in today’s business environment

Asset ID Tags

Fixed Asset ID Tags

Start with one of the popular templates and Alter the innovative modular headers. Include easy-to-see oversized numbers, or you can switch them out for a barcode

Asset ID Tags

Custom Asset ID Tags

When you need property ID labels for outdoor use, check out our exclusive asset tags which are a durable and affordable alternative to metal

Know More About Us

 At Foison Metal, we use the best combination of materials to produce premium-quality barcode labels engineered for your specific application. Improve tracking and management of key assets and equipment with durable asset labels and tags from Foison Metal. Through our 25-step quality inspection process, barcodes are verified to ensure 100 percent scanning accuracy.

Our asset tags are designed for durability and clarity for all your asset tracking needs. Choose the style and type of label construction that best fits your project and environment. Customize your tags with the information you need including text, logos, sequential numbers, and barcodes. 

Why Foison Metal Product Trusted?

Track Equipment

Tags are used to track as they move from tool crib to construction site, from the loading dock to a lab, or just from room to room

Inventory Control

Asset tags are the critical link as you perform periodic audits of your asset list and calculate the value of the asset over its lifecycle

Prevent Theft

Prevent “accidental” misappropriation of your asset by another department

Great Value

Our asset ID tags are not just made with high-quality products but also with the great price value

Our clients

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Biggest Provider of Asset ID Tags Located in China

Our durable label material can withstand temperatures from -65° to +300°F. All asset labels have an aggressive adhesive for excellent adhesion to varying profiles such as engineered polymers, aluminum, wood, plastics, and steel surfaces. Our custom-engineered asset id tags tracking solutions can accommodate barcodes, numerals, logos, addresses, and other pertinent information.

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