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Our Company Offers a Strong Line of Equipment Tags for Equipment Inventory, and Maintenance. We Guarantee that the Data Printed on the Tags are Readable Throughout the Life of the Equipment.

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Foison Metal Provides the Most Durable and Long-Lasting Equipment Tag

Here at Foison Metal, our philosophy is to provide out-of-the-ordinary value to high-quality standards, maintain a deep commitment to serving clients, and keep up with being the most low-cost producer of equipment tags that could last a long time. 

Since the operation, we have been adhering to high-tech development. Our certification has passed the ISO9001 quality management system, cleaner production management systems for efficient production operation and good market service provides a strong guarantee.

Our equipment tags are going worldwide and we can custom make your tags to any shape or color that you think will benefit your business.

About Our Service


We at Foison Metal have passed the ISO9001 quality management system to ensure that our equipment tags have passed the highest standards of quality.


We at Foison Metal offer free samples and free layouts for our clients to test waters if they will be pleased with our products.


We at Foison Metal offer convenience like no other. We have 24/7 online support to ensure that clients will be guided throughout the ordering process to delivery.

Fast Delivery

We provide the fastest delivery service for your equipment tags and other metal products. You can expect the item delivered to you in 7-10 days guaranteed.


Foison Metal manufacturing team produces equipment tags that are made exactly to the client’s liking.


Our team at Foison Metal can quickly adapt to changing circumstances or revisions clients may have with their custom equipment tag requests.


Foison Metal is very passionate about working with clients in manufacturing the most suitable and cost-effective solutions to client’s equipment tag labeling requirements.


All of the equipment tags at Foison Metal are cost-effective. Guarantee that you will get your money's worth.

Our Featured Products

Aluminum Tags are Great Alternative to Steel and Brass Labels. At Foison Metal, We Provide Best Quality Offer Only.

Metal Equipment Tagging

This equipment tag is the most popular choice for many applications due to the wide variety of customization option. We provide durability and rigidity to accomodate the needs of harsh applications.

Aluminum Equipment Tagging

Aluminum tags are used to identify critical equipment locations. We engrave the material for it to be highly visible to the black enamel background.

Serial Number Equipment Tagging

This serial number tagging enables you to track fixed assets for inventory and production. We produce high-quality metal serial number tags that are perfect for companies that need a large range of numbers imprinted to custom serial tags.

Barcode Equipment Tagging

This equipment tagging is the simplest identification process, which allows the user to scan data using a handheld barcode reader. Metal barcode tags are ideal for users customers who need durable metal identification.

Know More About Us

Here at Foison Metal, we respond to all your equipment tag requirements. Whether you’re looking for a usual item or something new. We can create a new kind of equipment tag based on your specifications and requirements. 

We support our clients every step of the way as we are committed to building a long-term relationship with them. We always strive to have complete customer satisfaction on every project that we work on. 

Why is Foison Metal product trusted?


Our products are custom made to meet the client’s demands and requirements.


The materials that we use to manufacture metal products are guaranteed durable that can withstand heat and pressure.


We make sure that all of our products serve its purpose and would help solve client’s labeling issues.


Our materials adapt to many different functions that are needed to client’s industry.

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Foison Metal the Most Reliable Source of Quality Equipment Tags in China

Working with Foison Metal ensures that your equipment tags will meet the highest standards of quality control. 

We have an independent design team with many years of experience that can design custom equipment tags based on the requirements of your business. Our well-equipped facilities and excellent quality control enable us to comply with international quality standards and be greatly appreciated worldwide

The Equipment Tagging Ultimate Guide

This guide will help you know more about Aluminum Tags Balnk.

It contains every aspect of the Aluminum Tags Blank, such as; types, size, advantages, and cost.

Before you plan to order Aluminum Tags Blank, have a look at this guide.

Let’s dive right in:

This is how anodizing of aluminum works:

1. Product Overview

1.1 What is an Equipment Tag?

Equipment tagging helps to record the machine’s maintenance or inspections. A typical equipment usually consists of six-digit numbers that are used to quickly recognize assets and equipment while minimizing input errors. 

Figure 1: Metal Equipment Tag

Figure 2: Serial Numbered Equipment Tag

These are just samples of an equipment tag where it helps companies to take track of their machine’s maintenance to keep it in good shape. Know more about our Equipment Tags by visiting our website.

1.2 Why should I switch from using paper equipment tags to metal?

Using high-quality equipment tags saves a lot of money for the company by minimizing label failures. When you are in an environment that requires labels to be faced in harsh conditions it is beneficial to use materials such as metal to guarantee that it will last long. These tags not only ensure equipment productivity and efficiency but are also crucial in keeping employees informed about unanticipated hazards.

How Equipment Tags are Used?

There is a wide variety of how equipment tags are used and utilized. A few common use of equipment tags are as follows:

  • Monitoring of equipment.This helps to initiate an alert when an item or machine is due for a maintenance check.
  • Keeping up with the warranty. This helps your machine to be in good shape and reduce the number of workflow disturbances and delays to an unticipated equipment malfunction.
  • Inventory Control. Scheduling maintenance and alerts for inventory counts can prevent equipment malfunctions and delays when some items are not in stock.

What is The Most Durable Equipment Tag ?

We offer Aluminum Anodized equipment tags for extreme durability. These equipment tags can holdout against harsh environments for indoor and outdoor use. Though we have a wide range of material selections, we highly suggest the anodized one since it is created to last the lifetime of your equipment.

Figure 1: Anodized Equipment Tag 

If you think you can benefit from using an anodized equipment tag you can visit our website or submit your inquiries here.

I want to buy an equipment tag. Can you guide me on the things to consider?

Before placing an order for equipment tags there are some important points to be mindful of when you are comparing your options including:


  • Compatibility

It is important to compare the demands of your working environment with the specifications of the material that will be used. Most of the materials are durable but some provide additional protection. If the equipment tag material does not match your industry there would be a high risk of early deterioration and damage to the label surface.


  • Attachment Method

Before buying an equipment tag it is helpful to consider the place where the tags would be applied. 

Can you recommend the best location where I can put my equipment tag?

Making sure that you put the equipment tag in the place where it won’t obstruct the main function of the machine or equipment is a must. Place the tag where it makes sense and is easy to see and reach for scanning purposes.

What are the types of equipment tags?

  • Inventorial Barcode Tag

This tag is typically attached to the equipment for tracking and inventory. 

  • Federal Equipment Tag

This type of tag is applied to federal-owned equipment that is reported by the university.

  • Agency Property Tag

Like the federal equipment tag, this tag is also reported by the university but the equipment is agency owned.

  • Non-inventorial tag

This tag is used for equipment that is under $5000 and is completely optional. This tag is only intended to use for internal department tracking.

  • Inventorial Tag

This tag is used for equipment tag is $5000 above. The color of this equipment tag should be updated each year.

Most common tags or labels that we manufacture

  • Compliance labels – These labels are permanent marking systems that contain important data on the equipment.

Figure 1: Metal Compliance Tag

  • Safety labels – These labels help protect employees or end-users against serious injuries or even death. These tags are permanently fixed to the equipment to indicate safety hazards. 

Figure 1: Metal Safety Label

  • Equipment tracking labels – These kinds of labels are crucial as it helps companies and organizations track their equipment.


Figure 1: Metal Equipment Tracking Labels

Here’s an actual video footage of our tacking tags for equipment:

Will These Tags Last Outdoor ?

Our tags are heat resistant, long-term exposure to different weather, abrasion, solvents, chemicals and many more. We only manufacture tags that are designed to last for decades.

How can equipment tags help with maintenance optimization? 

Keeping track of repair and maintenance is essential in an industry that uses heavy materials and equipment. You can use equipment tags in scheduling maintenance to avoid depreciation.

Are all equipment needs to be tagged?

All major equipment needs to be tagged.New equipment or the old ones need to be tagged as both require maintenance to make sure that every piece of equipment works perfectly. 

I’m thinking of having my business equipment tagged, what are the benefits? 

Equipment tags are essential to every business most especially in industries that require the use of expensive machines. These tags help keep track of equipment’s maintenance to avoid inconveniences and major repairs in the future. In conclusion, your equipment will guarantee to perform its best without slowing down your normal business pursuits.


  • Sustain a safe and good working environment

Equipment tagging is not all about ensuring equipment is in good shape, this also helps employees to be informed about the equipment instructions to avoid any malfunctions or errors.


  • Reduces the risk of unexpected fines

Companies that don’t adhere to equipment testing will be fined in any case that the machine malfunctions and causes a hazard to the employees.


  • Increases Effectiveness

Equipment tagging and testing help the maintenance process be more effective. As a result, your equipment would reach its optimal performance without any delays in the business’s everyday activities.

Equipment Label Specification Outline


Estimated Cost







Light duty application

High Resolution Color





Heavy duty, long life

High Resolution Color



Please note that the total cost will depend on the material that will be used, quantity and the complexity of the design.

Equipment Label Application Guide





Tools/Heavy Equipment











For testing purposes, how frequently should I check the tagging of my equipment?

Type of Equipment

Tag Testing Interval

Theme Park Rides

6 Months Interval

Specified Equipment (Double Insulated)

12 Months Interval

Specified Equipment (Not Double Insulated)

6 Months Interval

Construction – Mobile Structures, Fixed and Mobile Equipment, Wirings

6 Months Interval

Construction – Other Equipment

3 Months Interval

Manufacturing (Double Insulated)

12 Months Interval

Manufacturing (Not Double Insulated)

6 Months Interval

Workplace (No Safety Switch)

5 Years Interval


12 Months Interval

Utility Work

12 Months Interval

What are the industries that use equipment tags? 

Metal equipment tags are used in a wide variety of industries, especially those that require highly specific requirements, these industries include: 

  •  Healthcare
  • Education
  • Government
  • Warehouse
  • Gas Manufacturing
  • Utility
  • Telecom
  • Construction

If you belong in these industries you can check our page and see what we can offer.

What makes a long-lasting equipment tag?

Foison Metal can mass produce durable equipment labels that are resistant to water, corrosion, fading, and harsh chemicals. 

  • The labeling process – The labeling process is as important as choosing the right material. Choosing the right labeling process that matches your environment makes the label difficult to remove.
  • The material –  Picking out the right material for your environment makes a big impact on making your equipment tag. This material should withstand corrosion and harsh chemicals.
  • Coating – You can add additional protection to your equipment tag by adding liquid coating on the material.
  • Adhesive – If you need your tag to stick to your equipment for its lifespan you should choose a permanent adhesive. You can let us know what kind of adhesive you need on your tag by reaching out to our customer service.

Can you guarantee that your equipment tags are high-quality?

We at Foison Metal conduct several tests such as hardness test, tensile test, and many more just to ensure that every product that we make is made with high quality. We can determine the quality of the tag by utilizing these tests. We make sure that our equipment tags are highly durable and can hold out against certain chemicals and harsh environments, to ensure that the labels would last as long as the equipment would. 

To know more about our equipment tags you can visit our website and see what kind of equipment tag would suit your needs. 

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