Our Metal Logo Plates Are Made Of High-quality Materials

We Offer a Wide Range of Colors, Shapes, and Custom Designs of Metal Logo Plates for Your Business.

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Want to Know Why Big Companies Trust Foison Metal as Their Provider?

One way to have great branding is to have a unique logo for your business. It’s an essential design that should be created to boost your business in the market. At Foision Metal, your voice will be heard.

Whatever kind of market your business is into, we can provide you with the most comprehensive and bizarre array of custom metal logo plates and product branding options available.  Our tooling unit offers unparalleled excellence and precision.

Since our metal logo plates are highly durable, is it perfect for harsh environments of many diverse types and it is long-lasting.

About Our Service


We provide various options to choose from in metal types that will be prepared with the extra protective layer

Quality Control

Our metal logo plates are treated with care. Our tooling unit offers unparalleled excellence and precision


We can create a unique logo with your specification. We can assure you that the outcome will match to your requirements and style


We guarantee free samples, free and fast delivery, cheapest wholesale price rate, optimum quality, and more


This kind of label is an efficient way to identify products such as machines, types of equipment, and many more


We offer you the customization option in color, shape, and size of the metal labels so they can match your brand identity


Custom metal logo plates desigins make your business visible to everyone


Logically, people normally buy products from trusted brands that have an eye-catching logo

Recommended Merchandise

Our Metal Logo Plate is Designed With Precision, Style, and Excellence to Meet Your Requirements that Best Suit Your Business.

Metal Logo Plate

Logo Metal Plates

Your company logo is the most important design for your business. It features your company name or initials. By adding a little bit of graphics and colors, it represents who you are and what you do.

Metal Logo Plate

Nameplate Logo

Labels are used to highlight logo high-quality products. This type with a simple design style carries the favorite brand. It makes your product more presentable and appealing.

Metal Logo Plate

Logo on a Metal Plate

Metal logo plates suitable for various household appliances, electronics, machines, and etc. It makes your product more reliable and your customer will more likely to purchase it.

Metal Logo Plate

Metal Plate Logo

A way of making your business step up is to have a unique logo. Ideally, when people think of products such as the ones you sell, your logo will pop into their minds.

Know More About Us

Foison Metal provides high-quality and durability in product identification. Make use of our processes and materials to make a distinctive look that will set your product apart from the rest. We offer a wide range of colors and sizes to help your logo stand out. 

We can either collaborate or use your specification, so we can create a stunning metal logo plate that will represent who you are as a business and what you can provide to your consumer. We believe, that having a significant logo will make your business stand out among others. 

Why is Foison Metal product trusted?

Well Built

Our metal logo plates are durable and made to be strong for long term use

Good Value

Our products are made of high-quality materials to create absolute perfection


We operate with a common mindset and we are obsessed with working together to progress

Let Us Know

You can request to personalize your logo with your specification and requirements

Our clients

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China’s Leading Provider of High-durable Metal Logo Plates

Our goal is to always provide you with the highest quality metal logo plate. Your logo is part of your “brand”. When people see it, they immediately associate it with the products you sell and the nature of your company. 

Most of the time people tend to buy products because of the brand and It creates emotional triggers that cause people to buy more of your products.

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