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Our Company is the Trusted Supplier of  Metal Clothing Labels, Perfect for Creating Brand Identity, or Unique Fashion Statements

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Foison Metal Manufactures the Most Durable and Premium-Quality Products in the Market

Our company continuously innovates and expands its expertise to cater to you with the most advanced products. We also aim to pioneer in supplying high-end custom label identification products and services according to your precise specifications. At Foison Metal, we are committed to providing one-of-a-kind service to meet our client’s needs. 

Our Metal Clothing Labels are created from raw materials to best suit the distinctive needs and requirements of our clients. Our sublimely skillful workforce is dedicated to working together as a team. This commitment ensures providing exceptional products that will create excellent impressions and credibility.

About Our Service

Speedy Production

We immediately cater to the needs of the clients to meet high deadlines


Our workforce understands your wants and co-shares your passion to design and innovate products for your needs

Wide Selections

We offer you a lineup of customization for your needs that also matches your brand identity or personality

After Sales Service

Our customer service extends even post-purchase to ensure that we can cater to your needs at the most


Our company has been providing top quality products that have also established a good reputation in the market

Approved Ratings

Our products have high ratings and good reviews from keen clients who also made multiple transactions with us

Massive Stocks

We maintain raw materials on hand. Also, we minimize the time it takes to complete and deliver it to you.


We fully innovate with advanced technologies. Being up-to-date also means staying relevant in the field

High Quality Products

Foison Metal Clothing Labels  Meet the Highest Standards, Designed for the Precise Needs of Our Clients

Die Cast Clothing Labels

Perfect choice for clients who want to customize labels with complex shapes and designs

Personalized Clothing Labels

Most affordable option for creating statement and identity to your fashion pieces

Custom Clothing Labels

Ideal choice for creating brand identity and maintaining consistency

Aluminum Clothing Labels

These metal clothing labels have superior durability and available in various shapes and colors.

How Our Products are Made

Foison metal clothing labels are highly durable and can withstand chemicals, solvents, weather, and even temperature changes. Its uses extend from personal use to business essentials. 

Foison’s well-trained experts process product requirements electronically while managing high volume orders. Deadlines, tight budgets, precise specifications – you don’t need promises, you need your requests fulfilled. We deliver the high-quality product you expect, on time and budget.

Why is Foison Metal product trusted?

Top of the Line

Our products produce the finest quality selection in the market, made to fit your precise needs and requests

Within Reach

Our customer service remains accessible to prospect and existing clients to attend to their precise needs

Best Market Deals

We offer the most competitive and lowest price at the market without affecting the product quality


Our products are conceptualized and designed specifically for your needs and its expected purpose

Our clients

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What our clients are saying

Foison Metal a Global Aluminum Tags Manufacturer & Supplier Base in China.

Foison Metal sees to it that each team player complies with efficient use of time and applies innovations and creativity to every product within our expertise. Moreover, we prioritize providing customers satisfaction at its best.

Our company strictly complies with the highest standards in terms of our service and products. Foison Metal visions to deliver world-class customer service through our premium quality products.

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