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Foison Metal Specializes in Personalizing Metal Membership Cards to Perfectly Ensure the Exclusivity You and Your Business Require

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Foison Metal Dominates the Market in Product Innovation that Makes You Stand-Out

Foison Metal provides the finest quality products tailored to meet the specific and dynamic needs of our clients. We can definitely help our clients attract more customers and make an impact. We guarantee you that once you switch to our metal membership cards you will never look back!

Moreover, Foison Metal specializes in personalizing membership cards to ensure the exclusivity you require. Adding your custom design to your metal membership cards is the ultimate statement of luxury. This little touch makes your metal membership cards extra special and ensures the recipient is a proud ambassador and member of your brand.

About Our Service


Our designs of your product are exclusive for you and your brand that will stand out in the market

Technically Innovative

Our products are precisely created and designed with advanced technology to produce accurate and error-free results


Your requests are safe with us, we do not disclose any detail to other clients and suppliers

Speedy Production

Our workforce sees to it that high deadlines are being met and will be able to deliver to you premium quality products on time

Massive Supply

We have a large bank supply of raw materials and is readily available for your tailored needs and specifications

Pre-Purchase Deals

We provide a free quote, free sample, and focused customer assistance to ensure you get what you want and need

Hand On Service

Our professional workforce and customer service work hands-on with your products

24/7 Customer Service

Our customer service is ready to assist you with your needs and specifications

Our Featured Products

 Foison Metal Membership Cards  Meet the Highest Standards, Tailored for the Precise Needs of Our Clients

Metal Membership Cards for Cafe Shop

The perfect choice to get more loyal customers in your cafe which can be used as VIP cards or simple membership cards.

Personalized Metal Membership Cards

The ideal choice to make it easy for you to reward your customers and can help you turn first-time customers into regulars

Aluminum Membership Cards

The best option to make a lasting impression on your customers that withstand daily wear and tear.

Luxury Metal Membership Cards

The best choice to create VIP cards to make your business members feel exclusivity and class

Know More About Us

Foison Metal’s mission is simple: to create the world’s best metal membership cards with simple and all-inclusive pricing. We are here to help our clients create their unique metal membership cards and make the process as smooth as possible. We guarantee our clients that no one else can match our simple pricing.

Furthermore, Foison Metal offers one of the fastest production times available anywhere. Card orders typically take 7-9 working days to produce and 2 days to ship by express couriers across the globe

Why is Foison Metal product trusted?


Our products have unique design and stand out from the products in the market

Lowest Price Guaranteed

Our company offer our clients competitive price without sacrificing the products’ quality

Luxurious Design

Our products have a luxurious and classy design but at affordable rates

Professional Workforce

Our products are specially tailored by experts to meet your expectations and needs

Our clients

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Foison Metal is the Leading Manufacturer of Metal Membership Cards in the Market

Foison Metal leads the industry in product innovation to make you and your brand stand out. Our company can help you develop our clients’ existing metal membership cards to become unforgettable ones. Moreover, Foison Metal has the broadest range of metals and card finishes. Be unique with Foison Metal.

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