Our Metal Name Plates are Made from a Variety of Metals & Designs

Our Metal Name Plates are Produced With High-graded Metals and Materials to Make Sure You Only Get the Best.

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Foison Metal is a Leading Provider of the Highest Quality Metal Name Plates.

Nameplates are a metal identification device used to identify, brand, track or bring awareness to the object on which it is applied. Since custom nameplates are used in many different industries, it is important to choose the appropriate processes and materials of construction.

At Foison Metal, we have a wide range of manufacturing processes and materials to produce durable parts in small, medium and large quantities. Our Factory is equipped with advanced automatic rolling, cutting, printing, engraving machines, and a full plating system, and could offer you premium metal labels and nameplates.

What We Do For You


Protective removable plastic masking is often used to prevent the plate from scratching during shipping and handling.


We provide custom identification and classification for your products, logos, names, etc. to make sure we meet your needs.


We teamed up to provide you with the ultimate compound for any milestone. At Foison Metal, we value your success.

Product Quality

Our name plates are made using raw materials such as Brass, Aluminum, and Stainless steel which supersede in corrosion resistance and rugged composition.


Our name plates can carry very detailed information about your merchandise, such as product liabilities, date of manufacture, voltage requirements, and safety information, among other things. 


We provide a variety of shapes and sizes depending on your needs and requirements, and as well best suits your product or business.


Our metal name plates are coated with acrylic and epoxy overcoats, which are often applied for increased durability and give a high quality finesse appearance.

Excellent Value

Your success, milestone, achievements, and breakthrough are as important as our products.

Our High Quality Products

At Foison Metal, We Make Sure Our Metal Name Plate Materials Will Best Suit Your Requirements and Needs.

Metal Name Plates

Steel Name Plates

This material has the same advantages as .020” aluminum. .024” Stainless Steel – Also available in extremely durable 316 series.

Metal Name Plates

Custom Metal Name Plates

This material is generally called for when the nameplate must withstand great extremes in abrasion and corrosive atmospheres.

Metal Logo Plate

Self-Adhesive Name Plates

Our metal name plates are available in acrylic, stainless, or brass. It is made of 0.018″ solid copper alloy with satin finish.

Metal Name Plates

Machine Name Plates

This material is generally used for larger signage. We also support popular symbols and custom logos. Choose your own specifications.

The Making of Our Products

Foison Metal is a leading provider of the highest quality custom nameplates.  Our company provides the best value and service in our industry and we pride ourselves on our ability to work with clients.

We make sure that you have the correct product with affordable value, correct design, worthy of commemorating your achievements, milestones, and hard-work. All custom nameplates are designed and manufactured according to your requirements and needs. 

Why Fosion Metal is Your Product of Choice

Easy to Use

Appropriate for large outdoor signage & decorative plaques.

Affordable Value

Not only that our metal nameplates are cost-effective but also, product oriented.

Sturdy Configuration

Our metal nameplates are made to be strong for long term use

Finesse Aspect

The images are most commonly produced through printing, photo imaging, chemical etching, laser marking, and etc.

Our clients

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What our clients are saying

Foison Metal The Leading Provider of High Quality Custom Metal Name Plates in China

Foison Metal guarantees that all its products are designed and manufactured to the top-most standards, at the most reasonable prices. Choose the perfect metal nameplates for your homes, offices, or Equipment from an extensive range of nameplate designs.

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