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Foison Metal Provides The Finest Quality Metal Visiting Cards Tailored With Only The Beyond-Compare Raw Materials and Suited for Your Business.

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Only Foison Metal Produces Robust Metal Crafts with Raw Fine End Materials

Our company expertise in metal business cards and options to make your name or brand stand out from the rest. Foison Metal can help you develop your brand to  become an resisting  metal visiting card. Let us help you to create simply captivating metal visiting cards and other metal crafts. 

We have a wide range of metals materials and finishing processes. Foison Metal is your source for custom metal visiting cards with laser cut and etched to a refined  look. We offer a creative specialist design team with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, with ultra-fine manufacturing, and friendly rate prices.

About Our Service


Our company is one of the most advanced manufacturers in metal cards and the metal craft industry.


Personalized custom made metal visiting cards suited for your events and business is a good feature for your brand


You have your own choice of picking the style and size that you want to match the identity of your brand


We can provide you with different kinds of various options to pick and style your metal visiting cards.


We ensure the precision of every metal card, carefully picking the right materials for a luxury finish for your metal business cards.


With your free quote we assure you your shipping will also be free wherever you are and we have a policy return.

Production Process

We treat our materials with care and excellence just for our customer’s satisfaction.


We will assure to meet your requirements and specification.

Our Featured Products

Foison Grinder Cards Offer Premium Steel Cards Designed for Your Precise Needs. 

Stainless Steel Visiting Cards

Sturdy yet has a featherweight material. Stainless steel is a new in-demand alternative for metal crafts.

Metal Visiting Cards For Events

Having metal visiting cards for events makes your event more eye-catching and memorable. Also, our metal materials can be exposed to any temperature and environment

Personalized Visiting Cards

Getting personalized engraved visiting cards gives your brand a unique touch and an eye-catching look.

Luxury Metal Visiting Cards

Having a variety of material options like stainless steel, aluminum, and metal surface treatment options. It also helps to achieve several goals, including highlighting specialized services or products.

Why Foison Metal is The On the Lead of Supplying Metal Crafts Worldwide

Foison Metal provides the finest quality metal business cards and metal visiting cards tailored to meet the specific and required needs of our customers. We can help you attract more customers and make an impact and add to its purpose. Once you switch to metal visiting cards you will never go back to a simple visiting card.

Our company offers one of the fastest production times available anywhere. We provide free shipping worldwide. Stainless steel metal cards are a new popular alternative for other business cards. Great for any type of environment and can withhold any type of exposure to temperatures. Our stainless steel metal cards offer a great counterbalance with the effectiveness and price point. 

Why Our Products are Trusted by Experts

Well Manufactured

Our metal visiting cards are abiding and manufactured for long-term usage.

Inform Us

You can send a request to get your visiting cards personalized and suited for your brand

Team Effort

We accomplish our work with one philosophy and work together to progress together.

Great Performance

We constantly improve and consolidate our capabilities to develop well for our customers

Our clients

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Foison Metal One of The World’s Leading Manufacturer For Visiting Metal Cards

Our customers choose Foison Metal because they know they can get assurance of the quality and level of service we offer to them. Placing an order with us, you will have peace of mind that the outcome will be amazing, and you can depend on us to always answer quickly and provide the finest quality metal visiting cards tailored to meet the specific and required needs of our customers.

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