Lower The Risk of Injuries With Safety Signs for Kids

Make Sure the Children Are Safe from Accidents with Our Customized Safety Signs for Kids

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Only At Foison Metal Where You Can Find High-Quality Products At A Wholesale Price

Safety Signs are essential in preventing accidents causing mild or severe injuries, which is why we make sure to use only the highest-quality materials that work best indoors and outdoors.

Here at Foison Metal, we produce metal products that are designed to meet the demands of each client. They can choose from a wide variety of material selections including aluminum, stainless steel, and many more, where they can add customized texts, colors, and graphics.

In conditions where clients don’t have an available design, our in-house graphic designers are always accessible to help.

About Our Service


Here at Foison Metal, we are consistent in providing quality service to our clients


We are known for fast production of high-volume of orders while maintaining the quality of products


Our customers are the heart of our company that is why we ensure to give every support that they need in manufacturing their safety signs


We offer a wide range of options of color, shapes, and design to make sure that our customers find what they are looking for


Our Company authorizes our customers to fully customize their safety signs to ensure the satisfaction of the product


We have our in-house graphic designers that only creates designs that are original and specially made for our customers


Our online support team is available 24/7 to assist our customers with their concerns and inquiries


Safety signs that are made by Foison Metal are guaranteed to last a long time

Our Featured Products

 Foison Metal in Producing High-Quality Safety Sign for Kids That Are Personalized and Economical

Deaf Child Area

It is important for this sign to be durable since it serves as a warning sign for drivers to be aware that there may be deaf children that may not hear them when they horn

Baby on Board

Make your child safe by letting travellers know that an infant is on board

Slow Down Kids Playing

It is important to inform drivers that they need to be aware of places where children are nearby

Watch for Children

You can see this sign more at swimming areas whether a lifeguard is present or not


Foison Advanced SAFETY SIGNS Manufacturing technology

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Know More About Us

Foison Metal is a metal fabrication company where we customize safety signs depending on your needs and demands. Our safety signs for kids are tailored with premium-quality products to ensure that these would last a long time.

We value the time and money of our customers which is why we make sure to speed up our production process without losing the quality no matter how complex the product design is and the volume of order.

Why is Foison Metal product trusted?


Products that are made by us serves its purpose with no difficulty


Our products are capable to undergo different modification to form different shapes and sizes


We deliver to your expectations and demands by manufacturing high-quality products


We make sure to manufacture products that are practical and useful

Our clients

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Together With Our Clients, We At Foison Metal Continue To Manufacture High-Quality Safety Signs for Kids

Our vision is to be the largest supplier of safety signs not only in China but also worldwide. That is why we are committed to continuing in making high-quality safety products that promote welfare for children of potential danger. We believe that our well-resourced facility and excellent quality service can set us apart from our competitors.

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