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Foison Metal a Manufacturing Company to Rely on for High-Quality Metal Symbols

Foison Metal has been manufacturing the highest quality safety symbols lab worldwide that communicate through effective designs. We believe that designs imprinted on durable materials would benefit businesses in the long run.

Here at Foison Metal, we value the time and money our loyal customers spend with us, which is why we dedicate ourselves to developing only the highest quality safety symbols at an affordable price. 

We are built-in trust. As a result, all of our transactions are transparent and customized. This is why we provide you the benefit of choosing the color, size, and shape of their safety symbols, which sets us apart from our competitors.

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Foison Metal's staff are skilled and trained to be professional to serve our clients better


We aim to always upgrade our methods and equipment to provide high-quality safety symbols


Foison Metal is 100% supportive of green practices that save the earth


Foison Metal's team manages all tasks in an organized manner to avoid any products errors and shipment delays


We guarantee all payments and transactions are safe


We are an expert in manufacturing high-quality safety symbols that fast ships in 7 days


Foison metal's safety symbols lab are guaranteed to be high-quality that you can purchase at a wholesale price


You have the benefit of customizing their safety symbols from colors, shapes, and different sizes

Our Featured Products

 Foison Metal Creates Effective and Custom Safety Symbols Lab Tailored to Your Precise Needs and Specifications

Fire Safety Symbols

These signs help prevent fire and are usually placed in fire extinguishers, sprinklers, and fire exits

Hazard Symbols

Such symbols are essential to prevent accidents. These symbols are usually placed in dangerous places

Physical Safety Symbols

These symbols include signs that indicate “falling debris”

Radiation Hazard Symbols

This safety symbol indicates to avoid contamination with exposure to radiation


Foison Advanced SAFETY SIGNS Manufacturing technology

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Foison Metal is a manufacturing company that focuses on building healthy client-relationship by providing quality service and excellent designs that turn into an effective form of communication.

We help business owners to create long-lasting metal safety symbols lab that are customizable from different colors, designs, shapes, and sizes. Working with us ensures that clients are getting high-quality metal products at an affordable price.

Why is Foison Metal product trusted?


Foison Metal's safety symbols are designed to be effective and long-lasting


We use only high-quality materials that are susceptible to modification


Foison Metal's metal safety symbols are solidly built to last for decades


Here at Foison Metal, we offer premium grade products at a wholesale price

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Foison Metal, Providing High-Quality Safety Symbols in a Short Time

Foison Metal is an innovative company that provides integrated designs specializing in safety symbols lab. We are committed to supporting our clients with their needs and demands, which is why we continue to innovate our technologies and methods in delivering high-quality products

The Safety Symbols FAQs Ultimate Guide
Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

What Are Safety Symbols Lab?

Safety symbols lab is symbols in the laboratory which show guidance to workers and visitors about potential hazards and essential measures to observe.

Labs are full of hazardous materials, and it is important to make the lab personnel aware of the importance of safety symbols. At Foison metal we do offer a wide range of safety symbols labs and many other products which you can check on our website.

1.2 What Are the Types of Safety Symbols Lab?

Some of the safety symbols labs include:

  • Fire safety symbols

They are used to give warnings to lab personnel of the presence of materials that are flammable, necessary environmental measures, and fire hazards. 

Categories of this fire safety symbols lab include:

  • Fire extinguisher
Figure 1 Fire Extinguisher safety symbols lab

It is a safety symbol lab showing fireproof or firefighting equipment, fire hoses, and fire blankets. It is very important for the well-being of lab personnel and the entire facility.

  • Flammable
Figure 2 Flammable safety symbols lab

The presence of flammable safety symbol lab indicates flammable materials or chemicals which are present in the laboratory. It indicates extra precautions which should be observed for example storing flammable materials far from heat or open flame.

  • No open flames
Figure 3 No open flames safety symbols lab

This safety symbols lab is used to indicate no open flame to prevent the use of such tools near materials that may be hazardous. Though elements such as Bunsen burners and lighters may be looked at as standard equipment pieces, they may be hazardous in given conditions.

When an open flame is used in some scenarios, the risk of danger is elevated. Thus, it is important to avoid accidents by not using the devices in areas showing this symbol.

  • Oxidizing material
Figure 4 Oxidizing material safety symbols lab

Oxidizing material tends to supply oxygen to other chemical substrates and thus increasing the flammability of the material. Oxidizing materials should be handled carefully and stored away from flammable materials.

Oxidizing agents are hazardous to the health of workers and thus you should make sure they wear personal protective equipment. These agents may cause the clothing of lab personnel to become flammable thus the safety symbols lab ensure PPE is always worn.

  • Hazard safety symbols lab

These safety symbols are made to indicate the presence of a substance, material, or piece of equipment which may harm human health.

Some examples of hazard safety symbols lab include:

  • Biohazard
Figure 5 Biohazard safety symbols lab

This safety symbol lab shows that the facility handles biological materials.

  • Corrosive material hazard
Figure 6 Corrosive material safety symbols lab

Corrosive material hazard safety symbols lab gives warning to lab personnel of the availability of certain substances that may damage the skin.

  • General warning

It gives a warning of the presence of a given hazard in the lab. General warning safety symbols lab is not specific to one hazard type and is very important to labs all over the world.

  • Health hazard
Figure 7 Health hazard safety symbols lab

It is displayed in labs that possess materials that are associated with chronic illnesses or any other risks to human health.

  • Laser beam hazard
figure 8 Laser beam hazard safety symbols lab

This safety symbols lab indicates the presence of laser beams that may cause damage to skin and eyes. They remind lab personnel to put on personal protective equipment in the presence of lasers.

  • Low temperature
figure 9 Low temperature

It is used to remind lab personnel to use proper PPE when handling, returning or retrieving materials of low temperature in the lab.

  • Physical safety symbols

Physical safety symbols lab offers information to the lab personnel on measures to take to reduce personal risks and ensure safety.

Some examples of physical safety symbols lab include:

  • Breathing masks
figure 10 Breathing masks

It is used to indicate lab personnel on the areas in the lab that have a contaminated supply of oxygen.

  • Eyewash station
Figure 11 Eyewash station

This safety symbol lab indicates a place for washing eyes in case of an accident or emergency in the lab.

  • Gloves required.
Figure 12 Gloves Required

It indicates the presence of substances that are potentially harmful thus staff should wear gloves to avoid chemical burns.

1.3 What Are the Common Hazards Found in A Lab?

Some of the common hazards found in a lab include:

Figure 13 Chemical Hazards
  • Corrosive chemicals
  • Samples of biological elements
  • Agents that can lead to infections.
  • Tools and equipment that are sharp.
  • Flammable materials
  • Glassware that can easily break
  • Radioactive materials

1.4 Are There Benefits of Safety Symbols Lab?

Using safety symbols lab will give you the following benefits:

  • Reduction of accidents in the lab: when there are clear safety symbols in the lab, workers can identify precautions to take. They will also keep off restricted areas and wear protective clothing equipment to prevent accidents in the lab.
  • Increased efficiency: safety symbols lab ensures strong communication, and this makes employees aware of potential risks and the measures to keep in mind in the lab.
  • Promotion of a culture of safety: sufficient safety symbols lab tends to indicate your compliance to regulatory standards and provision of a safe working environment.

1.5 What Are the Safety Symbols Lab Rules?

Figure 15. Ensure Safety in The Lab

Some of the safety symbols lab rules include:

  • You should read all the instructions before experimenting and stick to the guidelines.
  • Do not perform experiments that have not been authorized by your supervisor.
  • Be careful and avoid spilling materials in the lab.
  • Adhere to instructions given by the safety symbols lab.
  • All lab waste needs to be disposed of appropriately according to the safety symbols lab.
  • Be well informed of the location of safety equipment in the lab in case of an emergency.

1.6 How Do You Ensure Safety in The Lab?

Figure 16 Safety symbols on the lab door

You should ensure safety in the lab by:

  • Removing all jewelry before commencing lab activity.
  • Always put on goggles anytime you are using chemicals or sharp objects.
  • Always putting on closed-toed shoes in the lab.
  • Make sure you know where your first aid kit is.
  • Do not reach across an open flame.
  • Never heat liquid in a container that is closed.
  • Avoid touching, smelling, or tasting chemicals in the lab.
  • Ensure lids to chemicals are always closed to avoid accidents.

1.7 Which Are The Common Materials for Making Safety Symbols Lab?

At Foison metal, we use materials of high quality and excellent techniques in making safety symbols lab. Some of the common materials which we use in making safety symbols lab include:

  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Copper
  • Nickel
  • Brass 

1.8 How Are Safety Symbols Lab Used?

Safety symbols lab is used whenever there is a potential danger or hazard that the people involved need to be made aware of. It is important to make sure that the safety symbols lab is installed appropriately in a way that all people can understand the information being passed across.

1.9 What Are the Important Considerations When Selecting Safety Symbols Lab?

Some of the important considerations to have in mind when selecting safety symbols lab include:

  • size: you should select the suitable sixes of the safety symbols lab so that it is visible to everyone. The safety symbols lab should neither be too big to distract the attention of lab personnel nor too small not to be visible to everyone.
  • Price: the price of the safety symbols lab should be relatively affordable so that you do not extend beyond your budget limit.
  • Location: be aware of the place you would like to install the safety symbols lab to ensure you select the appropriate mounting features.
  • Material: select safety symbols lab which is made from durable material like nickel, aluminum, and copper as they last for a very long period.

1.10 Which Is the Appropriate Location for Placing Safety Symbols Lab?

Figure 17. Other forms of safety symbols lab

Some of the appropriate locations for safety symbols lab include:

  • On the walls of buildings
  • On posts
  • On the floor
  • On the rooftop
  • On the lab door
  • On the surface of equipment in the lab.

1.11 How do Will Workers understand What Safety Symbols Lab Mean?

You should make your workers aware of what safety symbols work by offering them training before they begin work. Grasping an understanding of safety symbols lab by employees will limit your liability in case of any accidents in the lab.

1.12 What Does It Mean to Have a Safety Symbols Lab That Is OSHA/ANSI Compliant?

According to OSHA/ANSI standards, safety symbols lab should possess a combination of the following elements:

  • Safety alert symbol: this symbol on safety signs lab is to be used when there is the presence of potential personal risk only and not risk of equipment or property.
  • Symbols: the symbols which are used in the safety symbols lab need to be easy to understand and be very accurate.

1.13 What Should I Avoid in the Safety Symbols Lab?

You should avoid the following factors in the safety symbols lab:

  • Putting the safety symbols lab too high where they cannot be seen by people or placing them behind equipment.
  • Using too many details on safety symbols lab as they should not be too detailed.
  • Not maintaining safety symbols lab well. This is because the safety symbols lab will become dirty, torn, and too hard to understand the information on them.
  • Providing the safety symbols lab in more than one language or using texts.
  • Purchase of safety symbols lab that stand out as this will make workers not pay attention to the symbol.

1.14 What Can I Use Floor Safety Symbols Lab For?

Some of the uses of floor safety symbols lab include:

First aid safety symbols lab: they easily indicate the location of certain safeguards in case of an injury or emergency in the lab.

Navigation: floor symbols that are arrow-shaped can be used to direct people to places like emergency exits, fire escapes, safety stations, and evacuation routes.

PPE symbols: symbols that instruct lab personnel to put on PPE are very essential in conjunction with PPE wall symbols.

1.15 What Is the Color Guide for OSHA Floor Marking Using Safety Symbols Lab?

Some of the common floor marking colors according to OSHA includes:

  • Yellow floor marking: it is used for marking aisles and pathways within a lab to show people that they need to use caution.
  • White floor marking: used for a very wide range of different things as it is a general-purpose color.
  • Red floor marking: it is reserved for marking pieces of equipment for firefighting like fire extinguishers.
  • Orange floor marking: it is used to put together things that require inspection in the lab.
  • Green floor marking: used to indicate equipment for safety to make sure people focus on them.
  • Red and white floor marking: used to inform people that the given should be clear for emergency access.

1.16 Apart From Wall Safety Symbols Lab, What Other Forms of Safety Symbols Lab Should I Consider?

Figure 18. Big safety symbols lab

Some of the other forms of safety symbols lab you should consider include:

  • Floor safety symbols lab
  • Virtual safety symbols lab
  • Standing safety symbols lab

2.0 Design and Customization

2.1 Why Are Pictograms Used in the Safety Symbols Lab?

Pictograms are used in the safety symbols lab for easy identification of the issue instead of explaining using a lot of information.

2.2 How Big Should Safety Signs Lab Be?

Safety signs lab need to be big enough so that they are visible where the information is required. It is also important for the safety symbols lab to be in the line of sight.

Can You Help Me in Designing Safety Symbols Lab?

Yes, we can assist you in designing your safety symbols lab in any shape and size that you prefer. We have a design team that is well equipped with the necessary skills, and we do guarantee quality safety symbols lab.

If you would like us to design your safety symbols lab, kindly reach out to our customer support team and give your specifications.

2.3 Are There Specific File Formats with Which I Should Submit My Safety Symbol Lab Design?

Yes, at Foison metal, the file formats which are accepted for submitting safety symbols lab data include:

  • PNG
  • PSD
  • EPS
  • CDR
  • JPD
  • AI
  • PDF
  • DWG
  • DXF

2.4 Is It Possible to Include A Serial Number In My Safety Symbol Lab Design?

Yes, it is possible to add a serial number to your safety symbols lab as we have sufficient variable data. If you want to add a serial number to your safety symbol lab order, please give the specifications to our customer support team.

2.5 Am I Able to Obtain the Original Design File for Safety Symbols Lab?

Unfortunately, we do not send the original design file for the safety symbols lab. However, once you have contacted us and placed your order, we will send you your safety symbols lab design.

This is personalized that will contain your artwork and specific elements such as your company logos which can be used creatively.

Is Text Allowed on My Safety Symbols Lab?

Figure 19. Text Allowed on My Safety Symbols Lab

Yes, the safety symbols lab should contain very little text as this helps in avoiding the situation of the language barrier. Safety symbols lab image alone should be able to speak. This is because the language barrier most of the time tends to interfere with the ability of individuals to understand the meaning of the safety symbols lab.

2.6 What Are the Essential Tips of Designing Effective Safety Symbols Lab?

Some of the essential tips of designing an effective safety symbols lab include:

  • Make the safety symbol lab simple, standard, and clear in a way that is understood by the public.
  • Ensure the safety symbols lab stand out so that they are easily recognizable from a given distance.
  • Modify the safety symbols lab so that they suit the specific needs of your workplace.
  • Ensure that your lab personnel knows how they should react to the safety symbols lab.
  • Set up reviews to help you ascertain the effectiveness of the safety symbols lab.

2.8 Am I Required to Make a Payment of My Safety Symbols Lab First Before Seeing Proof Of Design?

No, you do not need to pay to view proof of your design as we aim at offering you top-notch service.

2.9 What Are the Benefits of Designing My Own Safety Symbols Lab?

Some of the benefits of designs your safety symbols lab include:

  • Your safety symbols lab will be in line with the color themes of your organization.
  • You will design the safety symbols lab in a way that each employee in your organization can understand.
  • You will custom make the mounting options of the safety symbols lab to be in line with exactly how you want them installed.
  • The safety symbols lab will be in the size and shape which you desire.

2.10 What Orientation Options Are Available for Safety Symbols Lab?

Safety Symbols Have Two Orientation Types: Vertical Orientation and Horizontal Orientation.

3.0 Order and Payment

3.1 What Is the Minimum Order Quantity of Safety Symbols Lab?

The minimum order quantity for the safety symbols lab is 100units.

3.2 Do You Offer Substitution of Safety Symbols Lab in Case They Run Out Stock?

It is very rare to offer a substitution for safety symbols lab as we do not run out of stock. We always strive to make sure that we deliver your orders of safety symbol lab in the appropriate quantity and quality.

3.3 What Happens to the Safety Symbols Lab Which Is Damaged During Transit?

If the safety symbols lab is being transported by the courier, we cannot be held responsible. The courier will need to cover the losses, and you may ask us for help.

3.4 What If My Safety Symbols Lab Order Is Missing?

In case you do not get your safety symbols lab order, you should contact our customer service team for assistance.

3.5 Will I Be Compensated If My Safety Symbols Lab Order Is Delayed?

Yes, you will receive a confirmation in case there is a delay in your safety symbols lab.

3.6 Do You Allow Bulk Orders for Safety Symbols Lab?

Yes, we do mass production for the safety symbols lab, and we can deliver them to you within 12-15 working days. Contact us if you require safety symbols lab in bulk and we will give you more details.

3.7 Can You Produce for Me Items That Are Not Listed in Your Product Catalog?

Figure 20 Order and payment

It is unlikely for us to produce your items that are not listed on our product catalog.

3.8 If I Purchase Safety Symbols Lab in Bulk, Will You Give Me A Discount?

Yes, for safety symbols lab orders which are made in bulk, we do offer a discount.

3.9 When Making Payment, Do You Accept Only the US Dollar?

No, Foison Metal accepts multiple payment methods.

3.10 Which Payment Methods Do You Accept for Safety Symbols Lab Orders?

Some of the payment methods which we accept at Foison Metal include:

  • Credit card
  • PayPal
  • T/T

3.11 Why Did I Not Receive A Confirmation Email For My Safety Symbols Lab Order?

If you did not receive a confirmation email, please contact us so that we may resend it to you.

3.12 Do You Possess a Money-Back Guarantee?

If we receive the safety symbols lab in good condition and as specified in the return policy, we promise a money-back guarantee.

3.13 How Do I Pay for My Safety Symbols Lab Order Using a Credit Card?

For payment using your credit card, kindly reach out to our customer support team. They will be able to give you guidance on the details needed during the phase of paying for the safety symbols lab.

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

Figure 21. Product catalog products

4.1 How Long Will Shipping of My Safety Symbols Lab Take?

The time taken to ship your safety symbols lab will vary depending on the shipping method which you selected. Our average shipping time is 4-5 days, and you may contact us if you need a re-adjustment on this timeline.

4.2 Does My Safety Symbol Order Come with Tracking?

Yes. All orders from Foison metal come with tracking as they are delivered by our selected delivery companies and couriers. It is important to contact us if you did not receive your tracking number for the safety symbols lab after placing the order.

4.3 Am I Required to Sign for My Safety Symbols?

Yes, for most safety symbols lab packages, we require a signature upon delivery. However, for some courier services we do not require your signature therefore you should confirm with the courier where necessary.

4.4 What Happens in Case I Insert the Wrong Shipping Address?

You should reach out to the customer support team to receive help. We will be able to adjust if the package has not yet been dispatched.

However, once your safety symbols lab order has been processed and dispatched, we will not be able to adjust.

4.5 Which Countries Do You Ship to?

At Foison metal, we ship safety symbols lab worldwide. If you have doubts about whether we can ship to your location, you may seek clarification from our customer support.

4.6 What Courier Do You Use for the Shipping Safety Symbols Lab?

Some of the couriers we use for shipping safety symbols lab include DHL, FedEx, UPS, and TNT.

4.7 How Can I Reduce My Shipping Costs of Safety Symbols Lab?

Some of the tips for reducing your shipping costs of safety symbols lab include:

  • Pack the safety symbols lab in small packages and make them as light as possible.
  • Find suppliers who have discounted prices.
  • Obtain discounted shipping rates by shipping safety symbols lab in high volumes.
  • Pay for shipping safety symbols lab online.
  • Obtain third-party insurance for the safety symbols lab.
  • Factor in all the shipping fees for the safety symbols lab.

4.8 It Has Been a While and My Safety Symbols Lab Order Has Not Arrived, What Do I Do?

You will first need to review the tracking information to determine if your safety symbols lab has either:

  • Been lost.
  • Stalled indefinitely, 
  • Been returned.
  • Just delayed.

If it seems that your safety symbols lab order is no longer on its way or has been lost or stolen, please contact us. We will try to do everything we can to resolve the issue and make sure you receive your safety symbols lab order.

4.9 The Tracking on My Safety Symbols Lab Package Says It Was Delivered but I Have Not Received It. What Do I Do?

You should call our customer support team to assist in the location of your safety symbols lab order.

4.10 Where Will My Safety Symbols Lab Order Ship From?

Foison Metal will ship your safety symbols lab from our factory in China.

4.11 How Much Will Shipping of My Safety Symbols Lab Cost?

The shipping cost of your safety symbols lab will vary depending on the shipping method you will use, and the address being shipped to.

4.12 Why Has My Safety Symbols Lab Order Not Shipped Yet?

You should check to ascertain that payment for the safety symbols lab. In case we cannot see the payment you made for your safety symbols lab, we will notify you via email.

If your safety symbols lab payment has been successful, visit your email and you will get an email from us. In case you have not received any notification email yet after 3 days have elapsed, you should contact customer support.

4.13 My Safety Symbols Lab Order Has Shipped, But According to The Tracking Information, It Has Been Stuck at The Same Location for A Long Time, Can You Investigate?

If your delivery address is outside China, it takes about time to update the tracking information of the safety symbols lab after it is dispatched.

This does not mean that your safety symbols lab package is stuck, and it will not affect the time of delivering it to you. To seek clarification and assurance that your safety symbols lab package is on the way, you can contact our customer service agents.

4.14 I Never Received My Safety Symbols Lab Order, Can I Get My Money Back?

Before we give you a refund of your payment for the safety symbols lab, we need to seek clarification from the carrier of the cargo. We may also wait for the safety symbols lab package to be sent back to us.

We must first get a notification from the carrier that the safety symbols package was lost or receive the goods back. Unfortunately, if the safety symbols lab package was lost because of your error, we will not be able to refund the full amount.

4.15 Why Do I Owe Duties or Taxes on My Safety Symbols Lab Package?

Duties and taxes on safety symbols lab are mostly levied if you are shipping the products internationally.

5.0 Replacement and Returns

Figure 22 Shipping and delivery

5.1 What Is the Warranty of Safety Symbols Lab and How Does It Work?

Warranties of safety symbols lab tend to vary depending on the contractual agreement.

Our warranty process entails a series of steps which include:

  • Contact us to commence the replacement process of the safety symbols lab.
  • We will then ship your safety symbols lab.
  • We will then email you a prepaid shipping label which you will use to return the safety symbols lab which is defective.
  • You will contact us and send the original safety symbols lab together with the accessories it was shipped with.
  • The safety symbols lab needs to be sent back within 21 days. We may contact you via email with a reminder notification.
  • If we do not receive the original safety symbols lab within the stated 21 days, we will assume that you have decided on both products. We will in turn charge you for the replacement of the safety symbols lab and the shipping fees where applicable.
  • Once we have received the safety symbols lab, we will inspect its condition and confirm if it is covered under warranty. We will also ascertain that we have received all the accessories it was delivered with.
  • If all the things are in order, we will inform you through your email.
  • In case components are missing we will charge a nonrefundable missing parts fee as outlined on our website.
  • If the condition of the safety symbols lab is not covered in the warranty, we will make you aware and bill you for the replaced product.

5.2 What Does the Warranty of Safety Symbols Lab Cover?

The warranty of safety symbols lab at Foison Metal covers quality or materials and does not include:

  • Damage by water and other liquids.
  • Defects have resulted from damage to the safety symbols lab.
  • Accidental or physical damage is visible.
  • Normal wear and tear of the safety symbols lab or aging.

5.3 What Address Should I Send My Returns of Safety Symbols Lab To?

When you are submitting your request for safety symbols lab returns, our customer support team will advise you on the warehouse and address to send them to.

5.4 Can I Return a Safety Symbol Lab Which I Have Bought Online?

Yes, you can return the safety symbols lab which you have purchased online by contacting our customer service agents for assistance.

5.6 How Can I Return My Safety Symbols Lab Order?

Returning your safety symbols lab order is easy. You need to prepare the safety symbol lab package you would like to return and attach the prepaid label on its front.

You may then contact us on how to send the package back or send it to the shipping address which was indicated on the label.

5.7 Can I Exchange My Safety Symbols Lab Purchase for Something Else?

No, we do not offer an exchange for safety symbols lab purchase for our other products. However, you can return the safety symbols lab which you do not want for a refund of the amount you had paid.

5.8 What Should I Do If I Receive the Wrong Item?

At Foison Metal, we take good care when packing your safety symbols lab to make sure that you receive what you have ordered. However, on a rare occasion where we may send the wrong safety symbol lab by mistake, please contact our customer support agents for assistance.

5.9 What Should I Do If I Receive a Safety Symbols Lab That Is Damaged or Faulty?

If you believe that you have received a safety symbols lab that is damaged or faulty, you should contact our customer service team. You should state the order number of the safety symbols lab and attach images to receive assistance so that we may find a solution to the issue.

5.10 What If I Do Not Like the Safety Symbols Lab That I Purchased?

You may contact our customer support team so that they may assist you to solve your grievances.

5.11 Will I Get a New Safety Symbol Lab as A Replacement?

If your safety symbols lab is eligible for replacement, basing on the duration they have been in use, we may replace them.

6.0 Cancellation and Refunds

Figure 23 Replacement and returns

6.1 How I Cancel a Safety Symbol Lab Transaction Which I Have Made?

The fastest way of canceling your safety symbol lab order is through our website. All you are required is to log into our website and indicate that you would like to cancel the order.

Alternatively, you can reach out to our customer support team to assist you in canceling your safety symbol lab order.

6.2 How Long Does a Refund Take?

Our refunds tend to take about 21 days before being sent to you. Once the refund has been processed, we will send an email.

You may reach out to us if you do not receive any notification after the stated time limit has elapsed.

6.3 How Do I Know If My Safety Symbol Lab Transaction Has Been Cancelled?

We will send you an email to notify you immediately your safety symbol lab transaction has been canceled. You can also contact us to seek clarification of the cancellation in case you did not receive pour email.

6.4 Can I Recall a Transaction That I Have Already Paid?

We can recall a transaction sometimes, but this is not promised all the time. In case you key in the wrong information when making the transaction, we can try to assist you to recall the transaction.

You will have to contact us as soon as possible so that we may try to help you get back your money. However, transactions that were paid by cash at the pickup location cannot be recalled.

6.5 Why Are Recalls Not Guaranteed?

Recalls are not guaranteed because we need to:

  • We need to reach the recipient and request authorization to debit them.
  • The recipient must give us consent to recall and their account balance should be enough to cover the recall.

6.6 I Have Returned My Safety Symbols Order, When Will I Receive My Refund?

Once your safety symbols lab return has reached us, we will commence processing it. Once we have justified that the safety symbols lab is within our return policy, we will process for the refund to the original method of payment that you used.

We will then send you an email to confirm as soon as the refund has been processed and you may call us if you did not get it. Refunds are made in about 21 working days and it is important to wait before contacting our customer service agents about your refund.

6.7 Will My Duty Charges Be Refunded on Return?

At Foison Metal, we offer free returns service for safety symbols lab shipped worldwide thus the original delivery charges will not be included in your refund. In case you paid duty charges, we may refund them to you directly. 

However, if you paid the duty charges at the delivery destination, we will not be able to refund them. Kindly note that you may be able to claim duty charges back by contacting us for clarification and assistance.

6.7 How Do I Get a Refund for a Safety Symbols Lab?

You will get a refund for the safety symbols lab through the payment method which you used to pay. You can contact us if you do not receive the email confirmation when complete.

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